12 Attractive & creative packaging designs

Creative product packaging design is extremely diverse because packaging serves all sorts of different use. You can use bottles, bags, boxes and also canisters, jars, and wrappers. Selecting the right packaging for your product determines your success.

Creative Packaging comes in every shape, every size, every material, and every colour—for every type of product imaginable. It’s the first impression we get about a product but also positions the entire brand.

A product might be fantastic with an equally killer logo, but awesome, trendy, on-brand, creative packaging is what absolutely seals the deal. In fact, a box looks on a shelf, or how a container feels in our hands can easily be the #1 factor in our decision to purchase a product.
Unlike other types of design, product packaging design results in something substantial. It’s more personal: we hold it, share it and carry it. Packaging has become so personal that there are huge fanbases that just love the packaging. Have you heard of “Unboxing” videos? Dozens of YouTube channels exist just to showcase the packaging of products like the iPhone, Apple Watch, PS4, and more.

But maybe most importantly, the packaging is a design that we have to live with every day. A product might spend just a few days on the shelf in the store, but it will spend weeks and sometimes months on the shelves of your home. Great packaging needs to last and be a work of art that people are proud to have in their home, pocket, or bag.

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Box Design

Anything can fit in a box. And when most folks think about packaging, that’s probably what comes to mind. But boxes don’t have to be boring. We combine your packaging with the product itself to make an attractive positioning.

Creative Packaging that tells the story

Creative packaging can be the perfect place to craft a story about your brand or product—whether it’s fact or fiction.

The Great Bonza, a wine from Australia, turned a whimsical product name into an even more fantastical story about an Australian circus.

RioCoffee uses travel stickers and postage on their coffee boxes to indicate the source of their coffee beans that come from all over the world.

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Always in a square box?

Or rectangular. Or anything else cube-like.

Use Creatively in your packaging

Do you know those little flaps that are glued down on the sides of juice boxes? Why not use ‘em! This juice company turned them into flippers and feet for this perky penguin.

When packaging has limitations, see you can use them to your advantage and work them into an awesome design.

Bag design

Bags, sacks, pouches… They can carry anything from shoes to sandwiches. Take a peek at some of the boldest bags you can buy.

Reuse it

Puma developed their “Clever Little Bag” a few years back, and it’s still just as clever now.

The bag, along with a rigid cardboard insert, actually starts as a shoebox. Remove the shoes and “Presto!” you’ve got yourself a little everyday tote bag. This is also a great example of “green packaging” that reduces the amount of packaging that gets thrown away.

Creative packaging wear’s an outfit

Nothing beats an ice-cold beer in a chilled mug. Looks like Volksbier knows what we’re talking about.

They might not be fooling anyone, but these creative cans give customers just a little taste (literally) of this lager at its best.

Packaging that transforms

We’ve already seen some simple ways that packaging can change as you use the product. Here’s another: artwork.

These cups use an illustration of a pomegranate along with the colour of the juice to complete the image.

Want to apple this to your business?

Creative packaging can make or break your product—and stunning design can deliver stunning results. Let’s together create creative and attractive packaging for your product.

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