Food packaging & Labeling checklist

The Food Safety and Standards (Food Packaging and Labeling) Regulations have set specific norms and standards on how and in which manner the products should be packed and labeled before selling. Before selling any product, you have to follow specific guidelines on packaging and labeling. Following are such guidelines on which information should be included on the labels?

1. Package type.

Mention “Retail package” OR “Wholesale package” specifically depending on whether the product is packed for retail or wholesale purposes respectively.

2. Declaration regarding Veg or Non veg.

Vegetarian products must have a green mark & non-vegetarian products must have a red mark on their label or packaging. There are certain specifications for the size of this mark depending on the size of the label or package.

3. Mention manufacture details.

If the product is manufactured & packed by different entities or at different locations; mention the detailed addresses of both the locations, clearly including survey no., plot no., pin code, etc.

4. FSSAI License No.

FSSAI Registration and License No. should be displayed on the food packaging and labeling in the prescribed manner.

5. Net Wt. & Batch No.

Food Packaging and Labeling should have Net weight be mentioned as “Net Wt” and the Batch number as “Batch No.”.

6. MRP.

The maximum retail price should be written as “Max. Retail Price (Inclusive of All Taxes)”. If your price is dependent on city limits or specific to any geographical region you should mention it clearly for example price “In Maharashtra” and/or “Outside Maharashtra”.

7. Packaged Date.

Dates should be written as “Packaged Date”- DD/MM/YYYY.

8. Expiry Date.

Expiry Date should be displayed as follows: Best Before

9. Ingredients list.

Ingredients of the products should be written in descending order of quantity of each ingredient. Every ingredient is mandatory to be mentioned.

10. Nutritional facts.

Nutritional facts should be mentioned for every product which is a mixture/processed (not in natural form).

11. Using Oil or Ghee?

If the product contains Oil or Ghee, then mentioning Transfat is mandatory. 8 types of Nutritional facts need to be mentioned for the products with Oil or Ghee. The type of Oil needs to be written specifically. E.g. Sunflower oil, Groundnut oil, Vanaspati Ghee, etc. Writing the facts in the local language is a MUST.

12. Bonus point

For food products without Oil; mentioning Fats, Proteins, Carbohydrates, and Energy is essential. Writing the facts in the local language is a MUST.

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